Common Myths About Exercise and Aging

Regular exercise may certainly seem more challenging as you grow old as your body stops being as supportive as it once used to be. Furthermore, there are also some other challenges that make it even more difficult, such as the risk of falling or ending up having an injury.

However, despite these challenges, regular exercise and an active lifestyle comes with a wide range of benefits for older adults, and may even help them tackle all the health issues and challenges that are linked to aging.

Unfortunately, however, many seniors are discouraged to even consider working out, perhaps due to some common myths that surround exercising and aging.

Exercise may not help, as you’re aging anyway.

Well, exercise isn’t going to stop your aging, but it’s probably a big misconception that it isn’t going to help either. Also, as a matter of fact, regular exercise that’s based around the right workout plan may slow down your aging considerably.

It may help you look, feel and stay younger. More importantly, however, it may help you go about your day-to-day activities reasonably comfortably and easily, which is usually one of the biggest challenges a growing age brings with it.

Furthermore, regular exercise has also been proven to lower the risk of falling prey to common health conditions such as a high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart ailments, dementia, as well as the Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers.

Finally, it’s also just as important to note that when it comes to the mood benefits, they tend to be just as good as for people in their 20s or 30s.

Exercise may be too demanding for older adults. They should instead try saving their strength.

There seems to be a fair amount of evidence out there that says that a sedentary lifestyle can be very unhealthy for older adults. Besides affecting their ability to do things on their own, it may even lead to increased health issues, risk of falls and injuries, hospitalizations and illnesses.

Exercise increases the risk of falling down.

The right type of exercise that’s focused on achieving certain important fitness goals would help improve your strength, flexibility and balance, decreasing the risk of falling down. Perhaps the only thing you need to do to ensure this, however, is choosing the right personal trainer who has adequate experience training older adults.

It’s probably too late to start exercising now.

Well, as they say, it’s never too late to start exercising. After all, being fit and healthy is a major requirement of people of all ages, and age shouldn’t and cannot stop you from achieving that through regular exercise.

In fact, certain studies have actually pointed out that older adults tend to experience great improvements in their overall health after starting with regular exercise than their younger counterparts. So don’t let this myth be your excuse!

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