Personal training for Austin Seniors

Personal training for seniors in Austin isn’t just about an easier routine!

Let’s face it. With age, things tend to change. There’s reduced strength, flexibility and balance, and increased vulnerability to injuries and several health issues.

However, that doesn’t mean that older adults simply need to resign to easier routines or a basic workout plan. There are many seniors who do prove this, by giving younger guys a run for their money at the gym, without compromising one bit on their safety.

We at CustomFitt believe that all you need is a different, unique approach, and not an easier routine. Instead of making people over 40 settle for an easier routine, a personal trainer should simply do a thorough analysis of their “fitness” history, including checking for injuries and finding out whether they are prone to any specific injuries. Based on that, they may consider making them avoid certain exercises.

Similarly, such an analysis also allows the personal trainer to get a good idea of their clients’ limitations and weaknesses, so that they can choose the right exercises accordingly to help them get around those problems.

This is precisely how we plan to help the older adults in the Austin Texas area – not by making them resort to an easier routine, but by doing thorough assessments and coming up with an ideal workout plan for them.

However, it’s also important to make sure that already existing issues aren’t compounded by going for exercises that may not be suitable for you. This is where a thorough assessment turns out to be so useful.

Similarly, there are also certain “test” exercises that your personal trainer can suggest you to go for while starting out, as they may go a long way in helping figure out your body’s ability, especially when it comes to flexibility, balance and strength.


Dealing With the Common Challenges

A personal trainer who is experienced enough at helping older adults stay fit would be well aware of the common challenges they tend to face – including lower back pain and also overall joint pain. However, these challenges can easily be tackled with an effective workout plan that involves starting out with simple exercises that have the potential of helping accomplish quite a bit.

More importantly, these are exactly the type of exercises that help build up strength to go for the more demanding ones.

Similarly, many experts also recommend people of over the age of 40 or 50 to incorporate strength training in their fitness routine. It helps deal with many other common challenges that they may not exactly be aware of, such as insulin resistance, decreased bone density and more.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

While it may seem that doing simple exercises for half an hour or an hour regularly may hardly yield much results, you would probably be surprised with the changes you experience in just a month or two of doing so. Regular exercise may not only help older adults deal with the common challenges mentioned above as well as the limitations that come with age, but also recover quickly from a surgery and various health issues.

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